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Programming Challenges

A friend is wanting to learn how to program, and so I have started a series of programming challenges to help him along the way. What do you think? Should there be points for completing these challenges like so many other websites have done?

E-mail Honeypot

I've set up an e-mail honeypot account which will catch any e-mail that isn't specifically targetted to me. Hopefully some web scrapers will soon pick up the specially-crafted e-mail addresses and their bots IP addresses will slowly come to light. Sure this has been done before, but not by me! Now to get the SSH honeypot working...

Initial Post

Hey, I'm just starting to set up the page. You can see from the links above what kind of information will be available. The purpose is simple. Honeynets have always been a fascination of mine, and it is better that other people be able to share that information as well. After all, it only takes a little more work to make the information presentable to others after analysis.

This honeypot is for fun and research. Don't attack any IPs listed on this site.